New Garage door Installation

Using Homeowners Insurance to Replace Garage Door

A new homeowner may not realize that damage to their garage door might be covered by their homeowner’s insurance policy. While there are circumstances where it might not be covered in a homeowner’s insurance policy, it is certainly worth filing a claim, or at least contacting the insurance company, to see of it’s covered.

The insurance company will decide whether the damage to the door is covered under the policy or not. They will want a documented detail of how the damage occurred. Coverage will depend on a variety of information including how the door was damaged and who damaged it. Generally, if it was damaged by the homeowner or the homeowner’s family, it will be covered. However, if the homeowner’s car caused the damage, the cost would fall on the car insurer. In the event of a natural disaster or fire, any damage would be covered by the homeowner’s insurance policy.

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It is important to note that most homeowner’s insurance policies do carry a deductible which would be an out-of-pocket expense for the homeowner so it would be in the homeowner’s best interests to compare this expense to the actual replacement expense before considering filing a claim.